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Christian Counseling is counseling with a Biblical conviction and prayer. The Clinical aspect is based on the fact that many problems can stem from chemical and physical imbalances in the body. When someone seeks out counseling with “At The Well”, they are asked to fill out an intake evaluation questionnaire. The information on the questionnaire includes family history, medical history, medications, substance abuse, divorce, children, and past habits. After a few visits, I the counselor am trained to Identify where the source of your issue is coming from, and what other treatment should be taken. You will also be asked to take a simple Temperament Analysis Profile. This is a clinical test developed by the National Christian Counselors Association. This test only takes about ten minutes, and will give me important information about your inborn natural temperament. This helps eliminate months of counseling because of the insight it gives me as the counselor about your basic treats. This is why it is important for Christians to also get the “Clinical” aspect along side the “Biblical.” There are many Christian Pastoral Counselors that have never been trained or exposed to in-hospital treatment centers or other important scientific and biological aspects of behavior. We believe that God is the God who made science and our bodies, therefore, the Bible and science must be merged for good treatment.

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