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Our Marriage was saved because of his spiritual guidance from the Lord. We share this story with friends, family and acquaintances as a true miracle.

J. G.

Great man. He has helped me so much and over come so much. Great knowledge of the Bible and of many different situations in life. He truly cares about the people he sees.

R. B.

Dr. Joseph is such an amazing person. I came to see him for an alcoholism issue. I say that because I wasn't an alcoholic as he pointed out. Our first session he nailed it right on the head. I didn't drink for the reasons that most people do. Dr. Joseph doesn't beat around the bush when it comes to telling you how it is and how you can fix it. He is very straight forward and I couldn't be happier to have meet him and had him to talk to about issues. He cleared up 35 years of lies I was living in and would still be living in if it weren't for him. I love his faith based approach to things in life and one of the things I will carry with me for the rest of my life is "the truth will set you free". He has had such a positive impact in my life and I am so grateful that god lead me to his office. If you can't handle honesty then he isn't the right one for you, I'm sure you can find another counselor that will lead you to believe that it isn't you, it's them and you can keep living your lies. But if you want the truth go see him and he will set you free.

S. T.

Dr. Joseph is fantastic! He offers healing insights and specific actions that awakened me to my best life.

His flexibility around time is great offering not only in-office sessions but also via skype.

My husband feels he opened him to the concept of counseling!

He reminded us that "he helps us, we fix the marriage. "

See him it will change your life.

M. R.

DR. Tom was my last hope for my marriage, I was ready to leave my husband.
A dear sister in Christ told me about him, I said what do i have to loose.
the worst that could happen is that my husband won't want to try it,
to my surprise he was willing, God is good!
My husband and I open up to Dr. Tom right away, we felt that God had put him in our lives for a reason, he explains to us what God expects from us as a couple and as individuals, and in a God glorifying way.
we put God above everything and He leads us in the right direction,
with out Dr Tom on our side I don't think my husband and I would be where we are right now.
The road is long , we still have quite a way to go and we know it's not going to be easy.
I trust God and Dr Tom will get us through .

S. H.

"If you are looking to change something about your life, in a healthy and positive way, then Tom Joseph is the person to see. I struggled with anxiety for years. Struggles still exist in life but they don't control like before. Thank you Dr Joseph and At The Well Ministries for making my life a safe place to be."

V. G.

"Dr. Tom saved our marriage... My husband and I have had a non-traditional long distance relationship for 7 yrs and all the hardships that come from it. Counseling was the last attempt to see if we could work through our issues as we plan to finally be completely together. With Dr. Toms guidance, we navigated our differences and challenges by understanding deeper self issues and fears that was testing our marriage. With a faith based perspective and counseling of our intimate issues individually and as a couple, Dr. Tom has helped us evolve into an emotionally intimate and healthy relationship. I have Dr. Tom on speed dial."

T. C.

Dr. Joseph has helped me put my life back on track. I'm so greatful for his experience, and his ability to relate to me in a way that helped me grow I am capable of making more mature decisions and understand the truth of the scripture. Now I can walk the path that God intended for me.

D. H.

Dr Tom has been very helpful for us and really helped us reconnect and put things into perspective in our marriage. His style really worked well for us and helped us understand the differences ww were having ! He has always been there for a session, or video session whenever we needed him for a refresher whenever we would have incidents to help us remind us of the things we were working on. Definitely helped save our marriage and continues to keep us on the right path !!! Highly recommend !!!

K. K.

Doctor Joseph is amazing at what he does! We are only a few sessions into meeting with him and he's already assessed our complex situation in great detail. His knowledge of meds for the physical side, his real world experience, and wise instruction that is Biblically based is a rare combination. I've just finished his book, "Why We Stay Stuck" and will be grabbing at least 3 more copies for dear friends and family. I truly believe this compact book addresses the majority of relevant family challenges today. We are looking forward to refreshed days ahead!

F. R.

Dr Tom helped me with certain issues in my life and my marriage, he's guidance has helped me learn to be more in control and acknowledgement of how to view things from a different perspective and I have notice some changes that I have needed to make in my life not just only in my marriage but interaction with sons, family and other people, not saying that I'm perfect, still a long way to go, but has open my eyes to new and better horizons. By showing me the way God wants me to be, so I can do the ONE purpose in life, which is to glorified GOD. To be the man he design me to be. Thanks Dr Tom.

D. P.

"Where do I start? For over 17 years, I (and my husband) went to 6 different counselors. What Dr. Joseph has been able to walk us through in 3 months is nothing short of a miracle. There were issues I didn't even know I had, and more importantly, I was too blinded by life and myself to know how to walk through the issues and heal. I needed someone to shoot straight with me and not waste my time (and my life). In the process, my marriage and our children have begun to heal in ways I could never have imagined. If you want to waste more time ignoring and running from the real junk we all have within us, only to let it pile-up, then don't go to Tom. But if you need TRUE healing, he's your guy. I am forever grateful for Dr. Joseph's gift and his willingness to serve in that gift."

J. P.

"Dr. Joseph has been instrumental in my growth. He has guided our marriage to a much healthier place than it has ever been. His very direct way of speaking and tackling the problem, along with his God guiding principles are vital to life. He has always been available to help when ever we have needed him. I am now, and will be forever be grateful for his presence in my life."