By Tom Joseph PhD

Transgender, like all sexual deviancies, is an abnormal psychological disorder. More specifically to transgender, (not the same sex you were born with), transgender is a disorder we call in the behavioral world as BIID. BIID (Body Integrity Identity Disorder) is an abnormal psychotic behavior where the patient believes a part of their body is evil, bad, or contaminated to the point it needs to be removed or changed. There have been individuals who have wanted to get a hand, foot or nose removed because it was evil. The well-known Dutch Artist Vincent Van Gogh was known to have cut most of his ear off because of his psychotic mental episodes that imagined that the integrity of his ear was evil or was not perfectly sculped.

This very same behavior is actually being accepted and praised by far-left political groups in our country as normal behavior. Sex change operations such as Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner who I believe was no long satisfied with the position of life he was in, and was becoming more and more depressed and unimportant in life, found an escape of reality to disassociate from his Identity by removing his body image integrity he was born with. This is a serious mental disorder.  Unfortunately, we are now seeing parents telling their young children to become mutilated through a sex change operation and harmful hormone injections so that this mental disorder can be realized as “normal”.

Just remember, anyone who believes their genitalia they were born with is a bad thing, they are suffering from a serious mental disorder called BIID. The fact is, even if there were two deceased individuals who believed they were another gender, through DNA testing, we can tell what gender they really are, regardless of the illusion they and others create in the minds for them to be.


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